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mobile alternative Medicine FOR

underserved PEOPLE

What We Do

We provide free and mobile alternative medicine to underserved people in rural Southwest Colorado.

We currently hold two clinics a week,

offering free herbal medicine and free therapeutic massage.


We frequent our local soup kitchens, campgrounds for unhoused people, commodities distribution centers, mobile home parks, and local businesses.

In 2020 We

Provided 686 healthcare consultations

Provided 109 therapeutic massages

Distributed 1,051 ounces of herbal medicine

Achieved a 50%  follow-up rate with our clients

Ran 64 free clinics, and

served an average of 9 people per clinic

 “I have asthma and asbestos exposure and I can’t get my inhaler at the hospital.  The respiratory tincture really helps  me breathe better.  I didn’t believe in herbs before but now I guess I have to.”

– Dylan D.

 “Thank you you saved my life.  I was puking for 2 days, I’d been to the hospital twice, and the tincture you gave me helped me stop puking instantly.”

– AJ S.

“[The] pain in my feet went away. I went to the doctors and they didn’t know what it was. You helped me to walk again by massaging part of my abdomen while you were treating the feet... I think you’re right, this is more in my core than the feet.”

-Maria Jimenez

Our Goals

  • In order to meet demand, we need to hold an extra clinic per month, increasing the number of clients we serve by 15%

  • We want to add acupuncture to our free services starting in July 2021

  • We want to start an education program, teaching our clients how to make and use herbal medicine, as well as offering yoga classes

  • We want to integrate our clinic with allopathic practitioners, who can diagnose and prescribe

Want To Help Us Do This?

Learn about our

30K in 90 Days Challenge