About The Herb Hut

      The Herb Hut Free Clinic is a non-profit organization.  We offer free and mobile alternative medicine to underserved people in La Plata County, CO.  This rural county is home to many people who struggle with food insecurity, and many with no health insurance.  This is the demographic we serve.  We see many clients who don't have any access to healthcare whatsoever, and end up providing primary care for many.

      Our clinic is currently offering free herbal medicine and therapeutic massage twice monthly to Spanish-speakers at Amaya Natural Therapeutics in Durango.  To make an appointment, call Wendolyne at (970)946-8045.  


      Alternative medicine is increasingly popular, but our nation's healthcare system makes it inaccessible to people who can't pay out of pocket.  We believe that healthcare and plant medicine are for everyone who wants them, and work to remedy this situation.

      We're funded by the generosity of grants, corporate sponsorships, and individuals like you.  Donate to make this possible!

The Herb Hut is the mobile home of our clinics

Our Mission

The Herb Hut's mission is to increase access to and education in alternative medicine for underserved communities.  We offer free consultations with an herbalist, free herbal medicines, free massages, and resources for getting additional help.  


2020 Annual Report


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Kate Husted

Clinical Herbalist

Executive Director


Wendoyne Omaña

Certified Massage Therapist

Coordinator of Clinicas en Español