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Free Clinics

We hold free clinics every Thursday in Durango, alternating locations between Manna Soup Kitchen and the Purple Cliffs Campground for unhoused people.  We hold one clinic a month in Bayfield, at Pine River Shares's commodities distribution day, on the fourth Monday of the month.  Our Clinicas en Español are specifically for Spanish-speakers, where we offer therapeutic massage in addition to herbal medicine.  These take place every other Tuesday at Amaya Natural Therapeutics.  See our schedule above for details about locations and times.


"I have trouble sleeping and relaxing and the herb tea helped me to sleep without using  Ambien.  I can drink a cup and relax in the evening.  The spray and ointments help heal the cuts and cracked callouses that I get living and working in the highlands." - Chris M. 

“The spinal tincture really works for me, which is remarkable because I broke my neck.  And a little goes a long way.  I used to be addicted to opioids, so that’s saying something.  -Barry W.

“My boyfriend has PTSD, and he takes the stress relief tincture every morning, afternoon, and night, and before panic attacks, and it calms him down immediately.” 

- Jenna D. 

“Despues de los masajes, ya no me duele el hombro. Me dolia mucho, tanto que no podia mover mi cabeza. Despues de sus masajes ya puedo caminar mas. Me gustaria tener mas masajes hasta que pueda volver a ser mas independiente. Despues del masaje yo siento.” – Teresa Sosa 

“The pain in my feet went away. I went to the doctors and they did not know what was it. I believe if I come to you every week everything is going to be better soon. You helped me to walk again with my right feet by masaging part of my abdomen while you were treating the feet... I think you are right, this is more in my core than the feet. Thank you.”

– Maria Jimenez 

 "Thank you so much your formula is  really helping me.  I'm down to 3  cigarettes a day."

- Beverly L. 


Before the COVID-19 pandemic, The Herb Hut sponsored various in-person herbal medicine classes for our clients.  We partnered with Manna Soup Kitchen's culinary program to teach students how to make fire cider and elderberry syrup, and address seasonal allergies and chronic stress herbally.  We partnered with local organization Construyendo Poder to teach classes on skin health and Chamomile medicine to our Spanish-speaking clients.

Education has been a priority of The Herb Hut's since we started, and we have big dreams for our education program. If we meet our 30K in 90 Days fundraising goal, we'll launch an education program with the following objectives:

  • Hold three free classes for our clients between now and the end of 2021

  • Hold one free class per month for our clients in 2022, with potential for students to sign up for an ongoing class series that teaches them a specific skill set.  Ex: making herbal medicine at home, or addressing chronic stress holistically

  • Teach our clients the skills necessary to take care of their family and friends herbally, engage in preventative medicine, gain autonomy in their healthcare decisions, and practice ethical wildcrafting and culturally-appropriate herbalism.

Further future goals of the education program include:

  • Bringing in teachers from inside and outside our community to teach on their specific area of expertise.  Ex: first aid training.

  • Holding paid classes for the general public, with ticket prices that contribute to the funding of our education program.  

  • Holding regular free yoga classes for our clients.

Help us meet these goals by donating to our 

30K in 90 Days


manna culinary students.JPG

Manna Culinary students making fire cider.